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Madelyn: WHOI’s Youngest Supporter

Many birthday parties for young people include cake and gifts, family and friends. Madelyn P., an 11-year-old from Massachusetts, is thinking bigger—a lot bigger.

For the past two years, Madelyn has asked her birthday party guests to bring a contribution for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution instead of giving her birthday presents. She plans to make the same gift to WHOI “every year for a while.”

“Whales and dolphins mean so much to me, and I would rather help them than receive more gifts,” Madelyn explained. “I hope that the money my guests and I raise will help WHOI protect endangered species and learn more about these beautiful marine mammals.”

Madelyn expects to visit Woods Hole again this summer for a special tour of WHOI’s campus so she can speak with the scientists who study the ocean and its marine life.