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Hermann Foundation Makes an Investment in People

People matter, and Charles Dodson knew it. Before he passed away in 2010, Charlie thoughtfully led the Hermann Foundation, a family foundation that supported many organizations in Massachusetts and California. Those grantees shared Charlie’s vision to give people the tools necessary to best serve their communities.

When Charlie’s daughter and new Hermann Foundation President Maria Starzyk learned of the Oceanographic’s Early Career Scientist Endowed Fund, the response was immediate.

“We are thrilled to partner in this wonderful program,” Maria said of the Foundation’s $200,000 gift to the Institution in 2011.

The goal of this fund is to provide three months per year of support to each of our young scientists so they can pursue the most promising avenues of oceanographic research at a critical point in their careers, develop and prove novel concepts, and establish their scientific reputations and successful track records for obtaining federal grants. These efforts translate into benefits to society, because the more we know about the ocean, the better we can protect and preserve our planet and way of life.

It can be argued that the greatest strength of the Institution resides in the ability of its staff to fuse scientific, technological, operational and educational expertise into a highly efficient “research engine.” The fuel for this engine is the creativity generated by our scientific staff and the support of generous donors like the Hermann Foundation.