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A Partnership that Rebuilds Fisheries and Hope

On the island of Zanzibar, in the Indian Ocean off Tanzania, seafood is not a luxury, but a means of survival. It is the dominant source of protein for the island’s one million residents, who consume three to four times as much seafood as the average New Englander. With wild fish stocks depleted or under intense pressure, aquaculture is critical for the food supply and for economic development of this island.

In 2010 the Island Creek Oysters Foundation (ICOF) of Duxbury joined forces with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to fund an aquaculture project in Zanzibar. Working with Dr. Hauke Kite-Powell of the Marine Policy Center, they’re helping to build a shellfish hatchery that will enable women in coastal communities to make a living and feed their families through consistent, sustainable oyster farming.

“We are thrilled for the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives there,” said the Foundation’s Shore Gregory. “It is going to take time, money, creativity and patience, but we feel strongly about this project and ICOF’s support of it.”