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Give a Gift of the Ocean

What do you give the person who has everything? The ocean!

WHOI memberships make great gifts and provide priceless support to researchers and engineers working to explore and understand the ocean.

Basic Member Benefits

  • Advance notice of special events
  • FREE Ocean Impacts weekly e-Newsletter
  • FREE ocean-related screen savers and ringtones
  • Invitations to special tours and talks
  • 15% off on all WHOI merchandise


Ocean Explorer $35

  • Basic member benefits

Ocean Navigator $55

Basic member benefits plus:

  • WHOI’s popular Take a Breath T-shirt
  • FREE digital edition of Oceanus magazine

Associate $100

Basic member benefits plus:

  • Subcription to hard-copy edition of Oceanus magazine
  • WHOI’s popular Take a Breath T-shirt
  • Invitations to annual Associates Afternoon of Science
  • Invitations to participate in scientific expeditions
  • Participation in the ASTC Passport Program (free admission to over 250 participating science museums)

1930 Society $1,000

Associates member benefits plus:

  • Afternoon shipboard science expedition aboard R/V Tioga
Membership LevelAnnual DuesMembership GiftMembers only tours and Exhibit Center preview eventInvites to Afternoon of Science Event and WHOI Science TripsASTC Science Museum PassportPrivate tours and one on one meetings with scientistsTrip aboard R/V Tioga
1930 Society$1000+XXXXXX

Members get an insider’s view of the exploration, adventure, and discovery that make Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution a global leader in ocean science!

Give a gift of the ocean and we’ll send a gift card to the recipient.