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How is WHOI funded?

A. Federal grants and contracts cover about 80 cents of every dollar needed by the Institution. Private philanthropy bridges the gap between the Federal resources WHOI wins through a competitive, peer-reviewed system and what it needs to remain a leader in innovative oceanographic research and education.

What is an unrestricted gift?

A. An unrestricted gift to WHOI goes immediately to where it is needed most. This includes everything from funding a new research idea to paying a student’s stipend.

How do I designate my gift?

A. Your gift will be designated for use where it is most needed, unless you specify otherwise. When you give a gift for a specific purpose, you are making a designated gift. You may direct your gift to support any research or educational effort at WHOI. If you have questions about any particular program, please contact us. Your gift will automatically be designated to WHOI’s unrestricted fund unless you indicate a specific designation in the written or verbal instructions that accompany your gift.

How do I make a gift in honor or in memory of someone?

A. When you make a gift in honor of, in memory of, or in tribute to a loved one, we will send the honoree or the family of the memorialized person a special card notifying them of your gift. Please be sure to fill out the required information on our donation form.

How do I make a pledge?

A. Pledges (a promise to pay a specified amount according to an agreed schedule) can be paid over a five-year period. If you would like to make a commitment, please contact the Development Office at 508-298-4895.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my gift?

A. When you make a gift online, your tax receipt will be automatically generated. If you mail your gift, a tax receipt will be mailed to you. Our charitable tax ID is 042105850.

What is a recurring gift?

A. Monthly giving is a great way to make a gift that is easy on your personal finances, and hugely valuable to the Institution. To create a recurring gift, you decide how much you would like to give every month and your gift will be charged monthly to your credit card. You can increase, decrease or terminate your recurring gift at any time.

If I make a monthly gift, do I become an Associate?

A. By signing up to make a monthly recurring gift of $10 or more during a twelve month period, you will automatically be enrolled in the Associates program. To make a gift by credit card please click here.

What is a company matching gift?

A. Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. Check with your employer to find out if there is a matching gift program and what you need to do to have your gift to WHOI matched by your company.

How do I make a gift of appreciated securities?

A. Electronic delivery of stock shares is the most secure and expedient delivery process available and provides efficient internal control as well as cost savings. However, you may also transfer certificates directly. To help you facilitate a gift of stock please see our instructions for making a gift of stock.

How do I make a major gift?

A. There are many ways to maximize your giving to WHOI. We welcome the opportunity to assist you and your advisors. For a list of funding and naming opportunities, please contact us at (508) 289-4895.

How do I put Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in my will or estate plan?

A. We all want to leave a legacy—a gift that will benefit future generations after we’re gone. At WHOI these gifts offer the encouragement to think creatively and foster innovation.  learn more about including WHOI in your will and other planned giving opportunities by visiting our planned giving page.

How do I establish an endowed fund?

A. A gift of $100,000 or more establishes a named endowed fund. A named endowed fund is one of the best ways a donor can establish a permanent, personal link to the Institution—supporting research, scientists, students, ship operations, or a variety of other institutional priorities. A donor’s name and good intentions are forever attached to a program of special interest to that individual. Named endowed funds may bear a donors name or may be named in honor of a spouse, special friend, scientist, etc. For more information, please contact us at (508) 289-4895.

Who do I contact with questions?

A. WHOI Development Office
(508) 289-4895